Würzburg- Wine Country

Keith and I have been lucky enough to be able to travel around Bavaria a bit these past few days.  We went to the city of Würzburg on Thursday and spent the day touring this quintessential German city.  Würzburg is located approximately an hour away from Bamberg and happens to be the end of the Romantische Straße (Romantic Road), which means that the city has a lot to offer!

Of course the first thing we did after arriving in the Hauptbahnhoff (main train station) was walk through the Würzburg shopping district and into the downtown area of Würzburg.  Here we discovered a cute little market and a beautiful Kirche (Church).  We enjoyed some espresso in a small café near the  main square and then continued exploring the plaza.

After spending some time walking through the market we decided to make the climb to the Festung Marienberg.  The Festung Marienberg is a fort located on the hillside overlooking the city of Würzburg.  The fort housed the ruling family of Würzburg and provided some amazing views of the city.  Würzburg is part of Germany’s wine country, and the Festung Marienberg is surrounded by some amazing vineyards.  Keith and I decided to take the longer route, some may say the path less travelled, to get to the fort and it definitely paid off.  The walk was breathtaking and provided sweeping views of the city of Würzburg and the Main river.


Eventually the ruling family grew tired of their fortress on the hill, so they built the Residenz which is located in the heart of Würzburg.  This was the next stop on our tour of Würzburg (after we got some lunch and local wine at a quaint restaurant situated next to the Main river).  The Residenz is a palatial building that is decorated quite extravagantly ( we did not go into the Residenz at this time, but from what I have read it sounds like the interior decor is of high quality and very expensive).  Next time we go to Würzburg we will definitely tour the interior of the Residenz!  Instead we spent some time in the gardens around the Residenz which are now open to the public as a park.


The day was filled with sightseeing, history, and some great food/drink!  Keith has been lucky enough to be placed in this wonderful city for his Fulbright ETA position.  I know that we will be spending a lot more time getting to know the city of Würzburg.  But for now, we are off to Füßen (the start of the Romantische Straße)!


3 thoughts on “Würzburg- Wine Country

  1. Hi there, I too am writing about Wurzburg at the moment for my next post due to be published tomorrow morning Australian time. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve included a link back to this informative blog post at the bottom of mine as we have written about similar places around the city.. Let me know if this is OK with you,

    • Michelle,

      Yes that is totally OK. I don’t know how informative my post is, but you are very welcome to link to my blog. I am mostly keeping this blog to update friends and family on my travels so please excuse the conversational tone.

      Good luck with your post!


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